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At Suwanee Pediatric Dentistry, we specialize in dentistry for children and adolescents in a warm, caring and child-friendly environment. Our pediatric dentists each have 2-3 years of additional training after dental school which has prepared us to meet the unique dental needs of each child we serve. In our Suwanee dentist office, we focus heavily on preventive care to help each child grow a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. Our office serves infants, children, teens and children with special health care needs in Suwanee, GA. including the surrounding cities of Buford, Johns Creek and Duluth, GA.

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Dental Cleanings & Exams

Keeping your kid’s teeth strong and healthy is as important to us as it is to you. Our pediatric dentists promote prevention both at home and in our office with regular dental cleanings & exams!

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Cavity Fillings

We hope your child never experiences dental decay but cavities are sometimes an unfortunate part of life. In the event that your kid’s dentist notices the start of an infection, we will work with you to develop recommendations for a treatment plan based on their unique needs. 

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Sedation & Special Needs Dentistry

Some children may require a bit of assistance remaining calm and comfortable during their dental visit. No matter the reason, our pediatric dental team is happy to accommodate your child’s special needs.

Dedicated Dentistry for Children

Just as doctors are specifically trained to see to a child’s unique medical needs, our pediatric dentist is specially trained to care for your children’s oral health. Drs. Rhonda Hogan and Shelley Berganske are board-certified pediatric dentists and are trained to care for the growing smiles of infants, children, and teens. Form our dentists to our front desk staff, our entire team is dedicated to helping our patients get the happy, healthy smiles they deserve. Contact us today to schedule your child’s first dental visit at Suwanee Pediatric Dentistry today!

Dental Services for Infants, Children, & Teens

Great oral health is a lifelong commitment and at Suwanee Pediatric Dentistry, we are committed to providing your family with the best dental care throughout all seasons of life.

Dentistry for Infants

Following the American Dental Association’s (ADA) recommendation, our pediatric dentists recommend scheduling your infant’s first exam before their first birthday (even if a tooth has yet to emerge). While this first exam is mostly to get to know you and your child, our dentist may do a quick check of your child’s gums and/or existing teeth to examine their bite and look for any potential infection. We are experienced in providing infant dental care, and we’ll happily answer all the questions you have about your child’s growing smile.

Dental Care for Toddlers

When your child’s baby teeth start to develop in full force, it’s time to step up the dental care and we’re prepared for the challenge. Sucking fingers and thumbs is a common move for many toddlers, but what parents don’t often know is that this can actually cause damage to the position of the jaw over time. Our Suwanee pediatric dentist is happy to answer any questions you may have about this habit and offer tips for how to motivate your toddler to grow out of it.

Outside of education about non-nutritive habits, our expert pediatric dentist will work to strengthen your child’s smile with a routine dental cleaning and exam. Pediatric dental cleanings are especially important for growing smiles because they get rid of accumulations of dental plaque, a bacteria-filled substance that can cause cavities. By cleaning it away, we’re able to protect smiles from tooth decay and help your toddler feel refreshed!


As your child ages, their baby teeth will be replaced by permanent adult teeth. During this time, we’ll work with you and your child to instill great oral hygiene habits to protect your child’s smile for a lifetime. Around age 7, our team may recommend your child be scheduled for an orthodontic consultation. Orthodontics consultations don’t always mean braces right away, but it does give us time to familiarize ourselves with the unique needs of your child and help you choose the best time to start any necessary treatment!


At Suwanee Pediatric Dentistry, we want your teen to feel confident that they are in the hands of the best pediatric dental team. With school, social lives, and personal development taking up so much of their time, it’s our job to make sure teens don’t have to worry too much about their teeth. Our pediatric dentists are happy to work with children up to age 18 to provide the education and services they may need to maintain a beautiful, confident smile. Throughout the teenage years, we’ll monitor your child’s teeth for any signs of decay, provide preventive care to ensure they stay healthy, and help your child establish an oral health routine that protects their teeth for life.

Kind Words From Our Happy Patients

“Dr. Hogan and her team are the absolute best! Dr. Hogan’s gentle nature combined with her expertise made our visit easy and painless. As a professional in the dental industry myself, I recommend Dr. Hogan and her team.”

Matthew S.

“Dr. Hogan is lovely. She has great skill in handling our children. She and the staff are very informative and kind. The environment is warm and welcoming from the front to the back. They’re a wonderful group. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Valentine M.

“Professional, proficient and friendly. Always a great experience visiting Dr Hogan. Our kids love going to the dentist and I credit her for making it a comfortable experience for them.”

Patricia V.

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