Are you ready to start taking your child to a new children’s dentist?

Whether they’re going to their first appointment or you’re seeking a new dentist to continue their care, you need to find a pediatric dentist that’s right for you. Do you know how to find a good dentist for kids in Suwanee, Georgia?

Not all dentists will be great for children, but we’re here to talk about how to find one that is. Keep reading to learn all about the top qualities that you should look for in a children’s dentist and a dental office. 

1. Calm and Kind

Children’s dentists should always be able to remain calm and kind regardless of the circumstances. Even if they’re under stress, they can’t relay that stress to their young patients. 

When a healthcare professional looks concerned, children pick up on that concern. The last thing that you want is for your child to get stressed during their visit.

This calm demeanor should also translate into kindness and a soothing voice. You don’t want the dentist to shame you or your child if the child has cavities or plaque. If the dentist shames the child, the child may resist going to future dental appointments.

2. Good with Children

Speaking of interacting with the child, a good pediatric dentist needs to remember that they’re a dentist for kids. If the dentist isn’t good with children, they shouldn’t be a pediatric dentist. 

This presents itself in several ways.

First, as we mentioned, the dentist needs to remain calm and friendly regardless of the circumstances that they’ve been faced with. Even during dental emergencies, they should be able to soothe the child.

They should also avoid being patronizing. This is difficult for some dentists. It’s easy to slip into patronizing speech and behavior when talking to a child, but again, this may make the child resist going to the dentist in the future.

The dentist shouldn’t talk to the child as if they’re an adult, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t try to break down adult dental concepts in a way that the child understands. 

They need to talk to the child rather than just to the parent and they should get on the child’s level to do so. They may even show the child all of their tools and explain each procedure before they do it so the child is involved in their own dental care.

Many pediatric dentists have soothing tools like music or movies that the child can watch. 

A good pediatric dentist also knows how to handle problems that happen more often with children (and how to prevent them). 

3. Accessible

When you need to find a new pediatric dentist, you want to make sure that they’re accessible enough that you’re able to get your child to appointments.

A dentist’s office that doesn’t have reasonable hours won’t be helpful for your child. Even if your work hours can fit that schedule, children shouldn’t have to leave school to go to the dentist unless it’s an emergency. 

You also want the office to be nearby. This is convenient for dental emergencies and it gives the child less time in the car to get anxious or upset. 

4. A Welcoming Environment

You want your new dentist’s office to be welcoming and inviting for your child. 

Pediatric dental offices are often more “child-friendly” than family dentists or dentists that gear their services to adults. The waiting room may have fun colors or things to do for the child. The staff should be friendly and welcoming to you and your child. 

When a child feels uncomfortable in the waiting room, they may feel nervous when it’s time for their actual appointment.

5. Plenty of Services

A good children’s dentist should have plenty of available services so you don’t have to visit another dental professional.

Children are more comfortable when they’re able to see the same dentist over and over again rather than having to adapt to a new dentist if they need a specific treatment. When the dental office offers a wide range of services, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

Many great children’s dentists offer both restorative and preventative care to make sure that your child is cared for regardless of their needs. 

The dentist may also provide services for children with special needs which further expands their care capabilities. 

6. Great with Dental Anxiety

Taking your child to the dentist while they’re young helps you avoid dental anxiety in the future, but it’s always a possibility (especially if your child is anxious to start with or if they’ve already needed a stressful procedure, like a cavity filling). 

A good children’s dentist understands dental anxiety and they’re ready to help your child overcome it.

Some children continue to struggle even with the best dentists. This isn’t a problem for a well-prepared dentist. Children’s dentists often provide sedation dentistry alongside their standard procedures. 

Pediatric dentists know what sedatives are safe for children and they’re able to administer them. 

Find Your New Children’s Dentist Today

Finding a great children’s dentist is easy when you know what qualities to look for. Remember, a dentist that’s good for you won’t necessarily be the best dentist for your child. 

You want a dentist who is great with children, can handle and soothe dental anxiety, who offers sedation options, and who has a calm demeanor. You want the office to be accessible, welcoming, and have a wide range of services for your child. 

Are you ready to find your child’s new favorite dentist? Dr. Rhonda C. Hogan wants to meet your child! With years of experience and a child-friendly personality, she’s a great choice for any child who needs dental care.

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