Why should your child see a pediatric dentist vs a general dentist? There are benefits of a pediatric dentist, including specialized training and care directed towards children and helping them feel comfortable and safe during the entire visit. 

When’s the right time to take your child to a pediatric dental specialist in Suwanee? How will you know if your child’s ready to see a Suwanee kids dentist? 

Your child’s dental health is essential for overall health as well. To keep your little one happy and healthy, it’s important to know the answers to these questions. As your child grows older, they’ll be faced with more responsibilities to keep their teeth and mouth clean. 

They’ll also become more active and at a higher risk of tooth injury. As a parent or guardian, it’s up to you to make the right decisions about your child’s oral health. In the guide below, you’ll learn a few signs your child needs a dentist in Suwanee. 

Continue reading to find out more information and put your child on the right track to a healthy mouth. 

They Haven’t Visited Yet

One of the first signs that it’s time to take your child to a pediatric dentist in Suwanee is that you haven’t taken them to one yet. If your child’s never been to a dentist before, then now is the best time to schedule an appointment. Scheduling routine dental appointments for your child is an essential step in good health. 

If your little one has at least one tooth in their mouth and they haven’t visited a dentist yet, then you’ll want to schedule their first appointment. The sooner you begin taking them to the dentist the better. Starting regular dentist visits at a young age helps reduce their fear of the dentist. 

If you can find a good pediatric dentist your child likes, then they’ll begin to build a bond, and taking your child to their dentist appointments as they age should be no hassle. 

Their First Tooth Came in

Is your child too young to visit a dentist? When should your child start visiting the dentist?

As soon as you see your child’s first tooth come in, you should contact a Suwanee pediatric dental office. They can then take x-rays of your child’s tooth and mouth to ensure all teeth are preparing to grow in properly. They can also provide you with information regarding how to care for their first tooth and all other teeth soon to come in. 

There are even infant toothbrushes you can buy to keep their baby teeth and gums clean.

Constant Tooth Pain

Is your little one complaining of constant tooth pain? There are a few factors that may cause your child to experience tooth pain. It’s a good idea to check a few possible reasons off the list before taking them to their dentist. 

For example, ask them to point to the area or tooth that hurts. Then, check for food particles stuck in between teeth. You can have your child brush and floss to see if this helps. 

Next, look for signs of a new tooth breaking through. Some children will experience pain when a new tooth is breaking through the surface. The same is true for baby teeth ready to fall out. 

If you rule out all of these possibilities and your child’s still in pain, then be sure to bring them to a pediatric dentist. 

Tooth Injuries 

Tooth injuries are common in children. They’re active almost all the time as they run around with friends at school, daycare, and at home. If a child falls and chips, breaks, or cracks a tooth, then you’ll want to contact their dentist as soon as possible. 

Tooth injuries are considered emergencies and their pediatric dentist should be able to schedule them in for an appointment that day. Their dentist will need to ensure there’s no damage to the root of the tooth. After examining the injury, the dentist will then discuss a treatment plan with you if needed.

Discolored Teeth

Discolored teeth in children could be a sign of tooth decay. Check for any teeth that are changing in color from white to yellow, to grey, and then to black. Any sign of color change should be addressed with their dentist immediately. 

White spots on their teeth shouldn’t be ignored either. White spots could indicate cavity growth. If caught in the early stages, then both issues could be corrected.  

Bleeding Gums 

Have you noticed blood when your child spits after brushing? Does flossing cause the gums to bleed? 

Swollen and bleeding gums could be caused by intense or excessive brushing and flossing. However, it could also be a sign of gum disease. To stop gum disease in its tracks and prevent it from coming back, schedule your child an appointment with a pediatric dentist. 

Their dentist will also be able to check for an infection in the gum, which could be caused by tooth decay. The dentist will then treat the decayed tooth and the swollen gums to restore oral health in your child. 

Does Your Child Need a Pediatric Dental Specialist in Suwanee? 

After reading through this guide, have you discovered that your child needs a pediatric dental specialist in Suwanee? If your child hasn’t seen a dentist yet, or has gotten their first tooth, or has experience any of the symptoms listed, then don’t panic. 

Dr. Rhonda C. Hogan, DMD, PC Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry is here to help will all of your child’s dental needs. Contact us today to scheduled your child’s dental appointment.